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Superfine dolomite dust

Main component: magnesium calcium carbonate; hardness: 3.5-4; Specific gravity2.8-2.9; fine weather resistance and anti-aging property


Magnesium oxide(%) Calcium oxide(%) D97Grain size (μm) 45μm residue on sieve(%) True specific gravity(t/m3) Apparant specific gravity(t/m3) Moisture
Oil absorption(ml/100g) PH Whiteness
≥21 30 ≤10 0 2.65-2.75 0.8-1.4 ≤0.5 18-22 8.5-9.5 94 white powder



    high cost perfomance and reduce of cost  






Widely applied in fields of plastic material, coating, construction material, ceramics, glass, water proofing material, chemical, environmental protection and energy conservation; for manufacturing of calcium magnesium phosphate, granulated fertilizer and magnesium sulfate, neutralizer of acid soil; as cut-price framework packaging material in construction material and composite material fields



Being used as fire-proof inlayer of reforming furnace in steel-making process, as slagging constituent, material of cement, glass solvent, in fertilizer, construction industry as well

25KG/bag, outer woven bag lined with plastic film; should be preserved in cool and dry place to avoid sun-baked and wringing




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