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Active coarse whiting

Active coarse whiting is developed through surface treatment by using of fatty acid and coupling agent. It has features of high whiteness, fine lipophilicity, excellent dispersing property. It can improve processing property, reduce cost.





Calcium carbonate ≥

Activation grade ≥


Property and application


white powder





fine lipophilicity



    high cost perfomance and reduce of cost  







Used in rubber industry to improve dispersing property and demoulding property, promote surface smoothness and tortuosity, processing property and mechanical property


Used in plastic industry to improve flexibility, strength, stabilizing property, to shorten processing timer and promote production efficiency




In cable articles to improve insulation property, increasing packaging amount, reducing cost, especially suitable for PVC cables





In printing ink, coating and artificial paint with fine dispersing and stabilizing property


25KG/bag, outer woven bag lined with plastic film; should be preserved in cool and dry place to avoid sun-baked and wringing




We hire private transport company for delivery and transportation. For regions that are not serviceable by transport companys, we employ powerful logistics company. Freight payable at destination. Or under your commitment of transport company.